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Gligor Kedioski Wiki

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Who was Gligor Kedioski ?

A father who ignored his wife’s pleas for the Covid vaccine died of the disease after spending three weeks in the hospital.

Gligor Kedioski died of Covid-19 at age 45 on January 2 after being admitted to the hospital in December and placed in an induced coma.

Friends and family are not sure how he contracted the virus, but Gligor had not been vaccinated, despite attempts by his wife Bilyana to persuade him.

Now, they are fighting to repatriate Gligor’s body to his native Macedonia, in accordance with his wishes.

Born in Prilep, Gligor lived in Liverpool with Bilyana and his five-year-old daughter, worked in a factory and as a delivery man.

In paying tribute to one’s father, his friends described him as a generous man who was full of life and always talking about life’s next adventure.

His death comes amid warnings from an intensive care physician that all critically ill coronavirus-infected patients currently receiving treatment at his hospital are not vaccinated.

Daily covid cases fell nearly 45 percent in a week yesterday, the biggest drop since Omicron took off, as one expert claimed the UK would be the first country in the Northern Hemisphere to tame the pandemic.

There were 120,821 new positive tests across the country over the past 24 hours, according to government panel data, down from the pandemic high of 218,000 last Tuesday.

A further 379 covid deaths were also recorded yesterday across the UK, more than seven times the low of 48 last week. Deaths are always artificially higher on Tuesdays due to reporting delays over the weekend, but last week’s death toll was also affected by the bank holiday.

He told ECHO

Gligor spent around three weeks in the hospital before passing away. His friend Robert Karalioski hopes the story will raise awareness of the vital importance of Covid vaccination.

He told ECHO: ‘Gligor was not vaccinated. Bilyana was fully vaccinated but he was not.

He “He was scared of the vaccine and he wasn’t sure how it would work. He was afraid of having some kind of health complication from the vaccine.

‘Bilyana did her best to convince him to get vaccinated, but she was unable to persuade him. Now, we really want to raise awareness about the importance of vaccines. ‘

Robert, who organized the campaign to repatriate Gilgor’s body

Robert, who organized the campaign to repatriate Gilgor’s body, also spoke about the importance of returning him to rest in his hometown.

He said: ‘He was a great friend, he was one of those people who would be there for you if you needed help. He was really known for that in the community.

“He was a bit older than me and I met him in Liverpool, but we were both from the same place. He became a very, very good friend of mine.

‘We are not 100 percent sure how he contracted Covid. Once he was admitted to the hospital, only Bilyana was allowed to visit him.


He continued: ‘She spent hours and days there, especially in her last week. She slept in the hospital for the last two days.

“The doctors said that when she put him in an induced coma, she wanted to be there, talk to him, play music that she really liked.”

‘Even before the end she was visiting for hours. She was there talking to him, while he could talk, and she brought him the Macedonian food that she liked. She was always present for him.

Unable to visit Gligor, his family in Macedonia called him to the hospital and sent him many messages. With Bilyana holding the phone next to her bed, they spoke to Gligor while he was in a coma.

Robert believes that repatriating Gligor’s body would bring closure to the family.

Dr Hepburn said

The £ 350 million Specialized Critical Care Center, which has 24 ICU beds, opened four months earlier in November 2020 to address spiraling coronavirus cases at the time.

Dr Hepburn said: ‘All Covid UTI patients are not vaccinated at this time and we have had several deaths this week. None of them had significant comorbidities and they were people who would normally expect to live another 30 years or more.

“We now have fewer covid cases in the unit than we did for several months – this could be due to good vaccination levels locally or because we have not yet reached the Omicron peak.”

Earlier this month, a father of three sent a heartbreaking text message saying that he would get vaccinated as soon as possible, less than two weeks before dying from covid.

Stephen Doyle, 45, of Runcorn, Cheshire, was “fit and healthy” before contracting the virus and being rushed to hospital on December 22.

He had not been vaccinated as a result of reading lies about the injections on social media and died just 12 days later, on January 3.

Gligor Kedioski Quick and Facts

  • Gligor Kedioski died on January 2 after being admitted to hospital in December and placed in induced coma
  • Family not sure how he contracted virus, but he had not been jabbed despite wife’s attempts to persuade him
  • Now, they are battling to repatriate Gligor’s body to his native country of Macedonia, in line with his wishes
  • Paying tribute, friends described him as a generous man full of life and always talking about next adventure

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