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Who was Robin Baucom?

A grandmother who worked as a manager at Cracker Barrel is being hailed as a hero after she was fatally shot in the chest trying to protect a co-worker from an assailant, according to reports.

Robin Baucom, 59, who worked at a Cracker Barrel near Houston, Texas, for 34 years, was inside the restaurant early Saturday morning when two men in a Dodge Charger pulled up near the front door, the Star-Telegram reported. .

Another employee was trying to get in when one of the men got out of the car and tried to steal her purse, according to Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez.

When Baucom saw the attempted robbery, he rushed to open the door to allow the worker to enter and pushed the man, who tried to force his way inside.

During the struggle, the man shot Baucom in the chest. He underwent surgery at a local hospital but later died, according to the newspaper, which quoted Harris County Sheriff Mark Herman.


“Our condolences go out to his family. It’s sad to think that these victims were just starting their day, working,” said González.

Baucom’s family wants her to be remembered as a hero who lost her life while trying to protect her co-worker from her.

“When I was starting kindergarten, she started at Cracker Barrel part time. She used to buy me back-to-school clothes,” Tina said. “It was supposed to be a couple of months. Thirty-four years later, a headache and here we are”.

Baucom’s sister, Gail, said, “She is our hero, and we hope she will be remembered as a hero because she lost her life trying to protect her employees and Cracker Barrel,” KPRC reported.


Cracker Barrel said in a statement that the company is “focused solely on supporting our manager’s family, her co-workers and local law enforcement as we deal with this tragedy and grief.”

Billy Crumpton, Baucom’s brother, said, “The greatest love a person can have is to lay down their life for another person, and that’s exactly what he did,” Fox 26 Houston reported.

“She was a protector. Not just with her family but with those she worked with. She protected the workers and gave her life for them,” added Crumpton.

Robin Baucom Wife

Robin Baucom was a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of three.

Baucom left behind her husband, three children and three grandchildren.

Angelia Richmond, a longtime Cracker Barrel regular, told KTRK that “no matter who you were, she made sure you were taken care of.”

She added: “She stood out. Not only that, she remembered your name.

Gonzalez posted surveillance footage of the possible suspect, who was wearing a black hoodie, black pants and black shoes.

The two men fled in a 2018 or newer metallic gray Charger.

Source: wikisoon

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