How Nigeria Police Academy Commandant Succumbed To Blackmail, Gave Authority To Acting Coordinator To Cover For ‘Dull’ Son Who Buys Marks In School— Sources
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The commandant of the Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, Kano State, Abdurrahman Ahmad, has been accused of cowering under the influence of the Ag. Coordinator of the Academy, Prof Umar Sani.
Sources told SaharaReporters that Ahmad has subjected his authority to the Ag. Coordinator in an attempt to cover up for the weaknesses of his (the commandant’s) son.

According to the sources, the commandant’s son who is enrolled under the Regular Course 6 Cadet in the Department of Biological Sciences has been on probation due to poor academic performance with less than 1.50 CGPA being the standard set by the National Universities Commission (NUC).
Due to his poor performance, sources said he is likely to be discharged as he has not shown signs of improvement after being placed on probation.
He had allegedly resorted to writing “money solves all problems” in his examination answer booklets and providing his phone number for examiners to call him.
He subsequently requests for the examiners’ bank account numbers to transfer money in exchange for scores and has also been allegedly employing the services of other brilliant senior cadets to take examinations on his behalf.
Meanwhile, the commandant was said to have written to the Minister of Police Affairs, stating that he can no longer work with Umar.
Unfortunately for him, Umar became aware of this and was also informed of the tactics of Ahmad’s son, a piece of information which the AG has now used to turn the tables against the commandant.
According to sources, Umar directed the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences, Dr. Rabi Adiza to collect and gather all answer booklets of the Commandant’s son from the examiners in the Biological Sciences department and give him to ensure that no form of assistance is rendered to the son so he will be discharged to disgrace the Commandant.
Dr Adiza subsequently instructed the HOD to submit the scripts of the cadet with the last four digits number: 1711, which is the Matriculation Number of the Commandant’s son and it was secretly dispatched to the Ag. Coordinator.
A source said, “Prof Umar had two aims: to compare and contrast if the handwriting in all the booklets is the same as he was accused of using mercenaries to take exams with the aid and mobilisation of his father, AIG Ahmad, and also to know those lecturers who favoured the Commandant’s son with unmerited examination marks.
“The motives behind this ugly scenario are to ridicule, embarrass and subject the new Commandant to beg and pledge loyalty to the Ag. Coordinator.
“The Commandant having discovered the Acting Coordinator’s mission to publicly disgrace him is now dancing to the tune and music as well as taking instructions from Prof Umar Sani on all issues in the Academy to spare and assist his dull son. In a bid to spare his son, he requested a cover to act as Coordinator for the remaining two of his service years to attain 70 years.
“From all indications, the Commandant has granted his request as the Acting Coordinator is now actively taking decisions in the Academy.
“This is clear in the case of two lecturers: Dr. Goddy Osa Igbaekemen of the Department of Sociology and Barr Nwagbara Chigozie of the Department of Law, who were reinstated by the Nigerian Senate after being wrongly relieved of their appointments.”
“The Hon. Minister of Police Affairs approved the payment of their salary arrears but instead, the Commandant is still waiting for approval from the Ag. Coordinator who had a bet with the duo that they will never be paid during the reign.
“The duo is helpless and calling on relevant authorities to intervene for their entitlements to be paid to them,” another source said.
When SaharaReporters contacted Nafiu Habib, the institution’s Public Relations Officer, he denied the claims, stating that the Commandant could not have been part of such. 

He said Ahmad has held leadership positions in the Force across the country and piloted the affairs of the institution properly.

He also said Ahmad was a cleric, noting that allegations of misconduct could not have come from people within the Academy.
Habib said it could have been written by any other person as there was a structure in place for communication from those in the lower cadet to their superiors.

He said, “The Nigeria Police Academy is a regimented institution governed by a hierarchy of officers. In such a regimented organisation, you cannot expect the connivance that some people are alleging happened.
“Such things don’t happen in a regimented institution.
“Things are going on well in the academy, and the Commandant is happily moving the leadership of the institution smoothly.

“There can never be allegations from staff members of the institution. Staff cannot make allegations against their superiors in a regimented institution, they would rather channel it to a senior in rank.

“I can’t believe that allegations from a police officer against his superior will go to the media. Not all allegations people make can be said to be true. Anyone can sit somewhere and write anything and send it to the press. That doesn’t mean it is true.

“The commandant is a caring man, he is God-fearing, he is a cleric. He has held positions across the country and there are all good testimonies about him.” 

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