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Another Life Season 2: Details On Production, Air Date, Cast, And More

Another Life Season 2: Details On Production, Air Date, Cast, And More
Source: Netflix

Back in 2019, Netflix appeared with a brilliant sci-fi series called Another Life. It tells the story of an Astronaut named Niko Breckenridge who went into space with her team but unexpectedly they face a threat throughout their mission as it involves aliens. After its premiere, the series received acclaim from the experts and audiences for the special effects used, acting, story, and more. It is made by Aaron Martin and casts  Katee Sackhoff, Justin Chatwin,  Blu Hunt, Samuel Anderson, and A.J. Rivera in the roles.

After its success, Netflix not took a long time and renews the sci-fi series for a second season. The production on it earlier delayed and now there are new details about the upcoming season, so keep reading to know more:

Production Status

This year is bad for Netflix and others as they have to postpone or delayed production on many upcoming shows due to coronavirus pandemic, Another Life is also one of them. The upcoming season of the sci-fi series was just set to begin shooting in March 2020, but then it faces a delay.

Another Life Season 2
Source: Netflix

Now the sources have revealed that the filming will begin very soon. They claimed that shooting will commence from July 20, 2020, but right now there is no confirmation from the side of Netflix.

Air Date

As the production is delayed so it will impact the release of the new season. But it is confirmed that now it will not release this year. Unfortunately, fans now have to wait for more for the new episodes of the sci-fi series. A specific date is still not revealed for the second season. It will release sometime in 2021, as per the sources.

Cast Details

We will see these stars in the upcoming season of Another Life:

  • Katee Sackhoff as Niko Breckinridge
  • Samuel Anderson as William
  • Justin Chatwin as Erik Wallace
  • A.J. Rivera as Bernie Martinez
  • Blu Hunt as August Catawnee
  • JayR Tinaco as Zayn Petrossian
  • Alex Ozerov as Oliver Sokolov

Plot Details

Creators have kept secret the plot of the upcoming season of Another Life. Fans are claiming that the second season will reveal Niko and her crew saving the earth from the aliens whom we called as Achaia.

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