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Breaking: White House goes on lockdown after protesters knock down barriers outside

Protesters angry about the death of George Floyd alarmed the Secret Service so much that the White House went on lockdown on Friday evening.

Videos from social media showed protesters chanting “George Floyd” and knocking down the barriers outside the White House.

Security officials quickly moved in to re-establish the barriers in the video.

Some White House media correspondents tweeted from inside the media briefing room during the lockdown.

“The photo below is the door to the briefing room. (I’m stuck inside with many of the press corps finest) There is an intense protest across the street in Lafayette Park,” said Tamara Keith of NPR.

Another video showed hundreds of protesters outside the White House.

“Secret Service has closed the park and isn’t letting anyone off the White House grounds at the moment. You can hear chants of, ‘I can’t breathe,'” said Kaitlan Collins of CNN.

A report from the Daily Mail claimed that the protesters were burning American flags, as well as vandalizing buildings with spray paint.

Protests have spread across major cities including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and New York City.

Here’s more from the protest outside the White House:

[embedded content] Protests Against Deadly Arrest Lock Down White House; Car Burned Outside CNN

Source: TheBlaze

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