Cedrick Bowie From Ocala Arrested: Cedrick Bowie, 14, was arrested by the Ocala police department as one of the suspects in the shooting at the grocery shop.

Cedrick Bowie, a fourteen-year-old boy, was there at the time of Jacorie’s shooting. However, he was not the perpetrator, and the police are on the lookout for other suspects in the case.

Cedrick Bowie From Ocala Arrested: A Co-conspirator In The murder Of Jacorie McCullough Has Been Arrested In Florida

Cedrick was one of the accomplices in this homicide case, which occurred the prior week, according to the authorities.

Who Is Cedrick Bowie From Ocala?

Cedrick Bowie is a teenager from Ocala, Florida, who has been in the limelight as one of the suspects in the shooting at seven days food store.

The incident of the Jace McCullough shooting was captured on the CC TV, which helped the police identify Cedrick as one of the people involved.

Meanwhile, Cedrick is believed to have violated the probation term as he is currently serving a sentence for another case. He was previously arrested for cases like burglary of a conveyance and resisting arrest without violence in 2019.

Cedrick seems to be a notorious teenager and was initially taken in custody by the police for further investigation. Later, he was charged with helping the killer.

Cedrick Bowie Accomplice In Jacorie McCullough Shooting Murder Arrested In Florida

Cedrick Bowie was arrested in Floria by the Ocala police department, as one of the accomplices in the Jacorie McCullough Murder from March 25.

Police came to know about him while checking the CC footage which gave them enough evidence to arrest him. He was apprehended by police at about 2 p.m. on Monday during a traffic stop in the 200 block of Southwest 13th Avenue.

Since Cedrick is one accomplice while the main suspect is on the run, police have asked the people to help them by providing any information regarding the suspects.

Jacorie McCullough Shooting Murder Case Details Explored

Jacorie McCullough is a 23-year-old man shot by a gun in front of the seven days store on March 25. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment, but later, he was declared dead.

Police have been investigating the crime scene and, had found one suspect. But there was more than one person who was fighting with Jacorie.

In front of the convenience store, a memorial was created with a framed picture of McCullough, red and white balloons, candles, flowers, and a teddy bear on Tuesday. One of the employees of the convenience store told that he was a regular customer and never got in any trouble.

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