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Drayke Hardman Reddit: Who Is He? How Did The Bullied Die? On the internet, everyone is wondering who bullied Drayke Hardman. Bullying was linked to Drayke Hardman’s suicide shortly after he committed suicide. To understand more, read the article all the way through.

Drayke Hardman attended The Scholar Academy Charter School in Utah and was a student there. He was a huge Utah Jazz fan, and some of his favorite players, like Donovan Mitchell, have reached out to him.

Drayke Hardman Reddit: Who Is He? How Did The Bullied Die? Mother Samie Hardman Talks About Son Drayke Hardman Suicide
Drayke Hardman Reddit: Who Is He? How Did The Bullied Die? Mother Samie Hardman Talks About Son Drayke Hardman Suicide

The little child, however, decided to take his own life on February 10, 2022, by committing himself since he was supposedly bullied and couldn’t stand up to it any longer. He appeared to have lately overcome his bullying, but this was not the truth.

Let us learn more about Drayke Hardman’s bully and take a closer look at his mother and father. 

Who Bullied Drayke Hardman?

Drayke Hardman was bullied at school by one of his classmates but the name of his bully has not come to the surface yet. 

Hardman was bullied by one of his classmates in school for the past few years, and his parents even got the school to get involved. 

The classmate’s name has not been revealed yet but he had faced suspension from school in the past for continuously bullying Drayke. 

Drayke’s parents also had confronted the problem and had an intense conversation with him regarding the bullying at school. His mother had recently asked if he had any suicidal thoughts recently but he denied them promptly according to KUTV

Hardman seemed to have been disgusted when his mother asked about having any suicidal thoughts before promptly denying them by saying no. However, that was not the case and the young lad did have suicidal thoughts and took his own life after a few days. 

Drayke Hardman Reddit: Who Is He? How Did He Die?

Drayke Hardman   may has passed away, according to the following  statements posted on social media on Feb 11. 2021.

February 10th, 2022 the world lost an amazing boy, Drayke Andrew Hardman. To know Drayke is to love him. He had the most sensitive soul and left an impression on every person he met. The pain his parents and sisters are feeling to have him taken from them so soon, is indescribable. I would love to show them love and support and let them know they are not alone. They are now faced with the medical bills and unexpected funeral expenses, I would like to help ease that burden for them. If you would like to or can do anything at all, here is Samie’s Venmo. If you are not financially able to help this sweet family, love and prayers are definitely needed! Thank you for your support for this amazing family! His love was taken from our hands but not our hearts

Mother Samie Hardman Talks About Son Drayke Hardman Suicide

After the death of Drayke Hardman death, his mother Samie Hardman has come forward to talk about her son’s suicide. 

She has shared an emotional post on her Instagram account following the death of her son and speaking against bullying. 

In her post she writes, This…. This is the result of bullying, my handsome boy was fighting a battle that not even I could save him. It is real, it is silent and there is nothing absolutely nothing as a parent you can do to take this deep hurt away. There are no signs, only hurtful words of others that ultimately stole OUR Drayke from this cruel place.

She continues, He was 12…. 12 years old. How does a 12-year-old who was so knowingly fiercely loved by everyone think that life is so hard he needs to take himself from it.. ???.

We have attached the full post above for our readers to have a look at. 

Drayke’s father also posted on his Twitter account, he wrote, our sweet 12-year-old baby boy passed away this morning after an attempt to take his own life last night. He’s the biggest @utahjazz fan. Thank you for making a bright spot in his heart. #doitfordrayke. 

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