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Karen Kahler and Sunny Reese Murder: Where Is James Kraig Kahler Now? James Kraig Kahler murdered his family in November 2009 as a result of his wife, Karen Kahler’s lesbian affair. What happened to him?

In November 2009, a high-profile engineer, James Kraig Kahler, murdered his wife, Karen Kahler, his two teenage daughters, and his wife’s grandmother.

James was a wealthy man who met his wife at Kansas State University and fell in love with her. After nearly two years of dating, the couple exchanged vows and welcomed their first child, Emily.

Karen Kahler and Sunny: Where Is James Kraig Kahler Now? Update On Karen & Sunny Reese Murder Today

Despite the fact that their neighbors referred to them as “the perfect couple,” Karen frequently described her husband as sexually demanding and controlling.

Update On Karen & Sunny Reese Murder Today

According to reports, Karen Kahler fell in love with Sunny Reese, whom she met at a nearby gym. Kraig, her husband, encouraged their lesbian relationship so that he could benefit from it.

When Karen and Sunny turned down his request for a threesome, she considered divorcing Kraig and moving on with her lesbian lover. Kraig, on the other hand, was taken aback by the announcement.

Karen filed for divorce from Kraig shortly after New Year’s Eve. Similarly, Karen filed a complaint against Kraig on March 16, 2009, alleging that she inflicted domestic violence on her.

Kraig, on the other hand, was arrested for third-degree domestic violence. His ego was brutally crushed as a result of all of this.

Kraig shot his entire family except for his son, Sean, on Thanksgiving weekend in 2009. Dorothy’s house (Karen’s grandmother) in Burlingame, Topeka, was the scene of the murder.

However, Kansas Police arrested James Kraig Kahler the next day, and he was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to death in August 2011.

Karen Kahler and Sunny Reese Murder: Where Is James Kraig Kahler Now?

According to reports, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation apprehended James Kahler the next day after committing the heinous crime. KBI explained that he kept repeating, “I screwed up, I screwed up.”

Furthermore, his preliminary preparations began in December 2010. He applied for the craziness supplication. Despite this, he was pronounced completely normal and conscious while carrying out the crime.

On August 25, 2021, the court indicted Kraig and sentenced him to death for submitting capital homicide.

Kraig allegedly murdered his entire family, including his wife, two daughters, and his wife’s grandmother. He, on the other hand, left his then-ten-year-old son alive.

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