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Who Is Justyn Pennell From Thrill Kill Murder? Wikipedia: After pleading no contest to the murder of a Florida pedestrian, Justyn Pennell was sentenced to life in prison. Please keep reading this post to learn more about his family.

A man was sentenced to life in prison in the Thrill Kill Murder Case. A Pasco man allegedly planned to kill a random person for months, according to the sheriff.

Who Is Justyn Pennell From Thrill Kill Murder? Wikipedia: Arrested And Charges - Trial On Michael Pratt Death

Justyn Pennell faces a murder charge after deputies claim he ran over a 75-year-old pedestrian with his PT Cruiser. He purposefully ran over a 75-year-old veteran, claiming he was ‘looking for someone to murder.’

According to police, Justyn Pennell, 21, of Hudson, contacted 911 shortly before 3 p.m. on Thursday afternoon, notifying dispatchers that he had just hit a man with his car and killed him.

Who Is Justyn Pennell From Thrill Kill Murder? Wikipedia Explored

Pennell, 21, was driving his PT Cruiser on 2020, Jan. 9, when he observed the victim strolling alone on the side of the road, according to authorities. He passed the victim, then did a U-turn and purposefully drove his automobile into 75-year-old Michael Pratt.

The victim was a grandfather and an Army veteran. Pennell drove passed the older guy, then made a U-turn and targeted him, according to Nocco, who spoke at a news conference on Friday.

The PT Cruiser struck and killed the septuagenarian as he tried to get off the road, which had no sidewalks.

The man perished at the spot, which is located just south of Aripeka, on the border of Pasco and Hernando counties.

Pennell told police that when he noticed the victim going down the street with a walking stick, he did a U-turn, accelerated, and purposefully ran into him.

Pennell said he was happy and joking when he attacked the victim, according to the arrest report.

Arrested And Charges – Trial On Michael Pratt Death

Not much information on Michael Pratt has been released yet. However, his family members were devastated by the news of his death.

Many people were favoring Michael and were demanding a brutal punishment for his murderer Justyn Pennell.

Pennell altered his plea to no contest to the charge against him two years and two months after the death, just as possible jurors gathered for jury selection.

Judge Mary Handsel questioned him about whether the decision was made voluntarily and rationally.

Pennell was charged with premeditated murder the next day of the incident. Even for law enforcement agents who have been hardened as a result of regularly investigating deaths, Nocco said the case was terrifying.

In response to a question about if he suffers from any mental or emotional problems, Pennell informed the court that he had Asperger’s syndrome, depression, and PTSD.

He said he’d been prescribed medication but wasn’t taking it because he was in jail. Pennell’s autism and Asperger’s diagnoses disclosed at trial were refused, leading to the decision to plead out.

Justyn Pennell Family Details To Know – Everything We Know

As of yet, no information on Justyn Pennell’s family has been disclosed. His father and mother’s identities have yet to be revealed.

His family, on the other hand, must be upset and shocked by Justyn’s actions.

However, we are doing all we can to acquire as much information as possible on Justyn’s and the victim’s families so that we can notify our readers as quickly as possible.

Please stay with us till that time comes.

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