Demon Slayer season 2
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Demon Slayer season 2

Demon Slayer season 2

The Flashy Hashira from Demon Slayer season 2 lives up to the Arc’s name!

Tengen Uzui, a second Hashira from Demon Slayer anime, astounded the fans throughout the Demon Slayer season 2 Entertainment District Arc with his skill with a sword and his ability to sound breathing. The most thrilling battle in the whole of Demon Slayer has always been the epic battle scene between Sound Hashira against Upper Rank 6 Gyutaro.

Tengen, who is a showy and colorful man, has emerged as one of Demon Slayer’s coolest and most popular characters. Tengen is among the Hashira who believed that Tanjirou and Nezuko should indeed be put to death, thus he had a difficult time getting along with Tanjiro at first, but now the two of them appreciate one another.

It hasn’t been simple for the Sound Hashira to live. Tengen and his 3 beautiful wives had traveled quite a distance, starting with Tengen’s upbringing in a hard-core shinobi household to transforming their way of life. But it was all of this that won him over the crowd. So, these are the reasons just why enthusiasts of the Demon Slayers adore him so much.

I Am A God!

Demon Slayer season 2

In Demon Slayer season 2, Tengen’s entrance was peppered with exclamatory words that made it quite obvious how horrible the new Hashira really was. Our kind-hearted Tanjiro refused to acknowledge this superior guy as a Hashira when he arrived back at the Butterfly Mansion in order to stop Tengen from trying to abduct Aoi. The reply from Tengen is both entertaining and showy.

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke encounter full pure flashiness after protecting Aoi from Tengen and offering to stand in for her. Tengen from Demon Slayer will not really think twice to declare himself a god and expect deference from those beneath him.

The man whose goal is to exorcise the demons hidden within the entertainment district is perfectly called The God of Flashiness as well as the God of Festivities. The quote, ‘I am a god and you guys are trash!‘ has become a fan-favorite Demon Slayer phrase, and totally satisfies his entrance in the Anime.

His Devotion to His Three Lovely Wives!

Of course, a lot of you are merely jealous of Tengen like Zenintsu because of the fact that he has three attractive wives. But it’s not just for show; it’s out of genuine love. Tengen really loves his wives, and one of his phrase mentioning that the 3 women always comes first on his priority list, is just worth falling for the Sound Hashira.

The way Tanjiro, Zenintsu, and Inosuke’s wives’ characteristics matched their characters was the best element of the Demon slayer season 3. Fans only need to look at Tengen’s wives to understand how he managed to remain composure in the face of Inosuke and Zenitsu’s antics. Like Inosuke, Makio is brash, boisterous, and self-assured.

Suma is indeed a lot like Zenitsu in that she is overly dramatic, terrified, and easily brought to tears. Like Tanjiro, Hinatsuru is strategic in warfare, as evidenced by the fact that she launched a number of kunai that had been laced with wisteria poison toward Gyutaro.

Therefore, yes, we also love those Kawaii Kunoichi in addition to Tengen.

The Hashira With His Own Shinobi Way!

Demon Slayer season 2

Tengen’s father subjected him and his brothers to hard training, which made growing up for him quite difficult. Throughout that period, he killed two among his siblings, although he was unaware of that until after the battle. He and that one of his brothers were the only ones left when he was 15 years old.

Tengen with his wives left his clan rather than engaging in a life-or-death struggle with his brother as his father had wished. Tengen’s ability to spot the errors in his family’s reasoning is astounding given that this way of living was typical for them.

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Tengen began a new life with his wives, leaving behind the whole teachings he understood and had been taught. Because they were taught that missions always came first and that their main purpose in life was to have kids, Tengen also had to assist them in adjusting. Even Kagaya Ubuyashiki praised him for having the bravery to leave his former life behind.

The Ultimate Sound Breathing!

Demon Slayer season 2

Tengen developed Sound Breathing by combining his improved hearing and the Musical Score Technique, much like Inosuke did when he independently developed Beast Breathing. Because this combat style is rooted in Thunder Breathing, Tengen’s strikes are extremely quick and powerful, resembling Zenitsu’s fighting technique.

Tengen demonstrates his most potent strike during the fight with Gyutaro. Tengen can read his enemies’ moves as if they were chords on something like a musical score sheet by using the knowledge he has accumulated throughout the course of the battle using Musical Score. The dude is definitely on a different level!

Tengen pauses the spread of Gyutaro’s poisoning long enough so that his musical score technique will finish, that too by stopping his own heart as well as giving up a hand. Tengen kept himself down long enough just to acquire all of Gyutaro’s fighting strategies and routines. After resetting his heart, Tengen launched the most spectacular counterattack ever by using three immature Kanoe to destroy an upper-rank demon.

The Sound Hashira Vs Upper-Rank Six Demon!

Demon Slayer season 2

Rengoku and Akaze‘s epic battle raised a lot of hopes that had to be met. However, the shiniest Hashira is paired against the craziest demon within the Entertainment District arc, which comprises the entirety of Demon Slayer Season 2 works perfectly well for Shonen fans.

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The legendary clash involving Tengen and Gyutaro, two of the most potent characters inside the Demon Slayer legends, made the entire series even more spectacular.

The animation in this fight is really superb. Tengen’s sarcastic attitude and theatrical sleekness during their fight with Gyutaro heighten the entertainment factor of the conflict. The comment from Tengen that he is flashy, a ladies’ man, and he has three wives, which occurs at the start of their combat, represents the epitome of Tengen’s character. Which is, ‘I am a God.’

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