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Whether you’re a Twilight hater or a Twi-hard, we all can bond about the atrocity that is Renesmee in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. The movie decided to swap out the use of a real baby for a CGI child made in the likeness of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and it’s really odd. When poor Renesmee grew older, an unbelievably creepy doll was used before Mackenzie Foy’s face was placed in front of variously aged girls. But it can get weirder… 

The Twilight saga recently became available to stream with a Hulu subscription, giving the streaming platform full reign to remind us of the YA phenomenon. On Twitter, Hulu said it would change Renesmee’s face into another character for every 100 likes, and it received thousands of hearts. Check out K-Stew as the baby:  

A baby with cheekbones? This is weird. It’s kind of adorable, but it has me laughing because imagine if the production had decided to simply photoshop Kristen Stewart’s face onto Renesmee instead of the creepy CGI baby. While we’re on the topic, are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? (Baby edition, of course.) 

The baby version with Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen is super happy to be there. Maybe he’s smiling because The Batman 2 was just announced, with the actor set to return as the Caped Crusader. On the other hand, Taylor Lautner’s baby is very angry. Perhaps he needs a long ride in the car or a lullaby? I 100% would not be happy to babysit Jacob Twilight baby, and I know Rosalie wouldn’t be either. Now for the daddy babies: 

A baby with a mustache? I can’t handle this. I can tell even Charlie in baby form is clearly concerned about Bella’s whereabouts. And Carlisle… oh Carlisle, this is not a good look for you. He really must have benefited from the doctor’s uniform, because I do not want to look longingly at baby Carlisle. Ok, so too many people liked this Twilight post and Hulu went through every Twilight character (including the apple), so we’ll just show you one more set and let you seek out the rest: 

We went all this time and failed to talk about one especially odd part about baby Renesmee. Remember when Jacob falls in love with it? It’s not enough that it was a creepy CGI thing, but one of the main characters imprinted on a literal child while being an adult man/werewolf? That being said, it made way more sense in the book, but still… WTF. 

The Twilight saga’s final installment actually turns a decade old this November if you can believe it. You can check out the premiere photos from 2012 and, of course, stream all the Twilight movies on Hulu now.  

Source: cinemablend

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