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Here are the information about “Sweet Magnolias” and the questions going on in the mind of fans after completing Season-1!!

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Sweet Magnolias

This is an American romance drama series. Sheryl J. Anderson has created the series. It is based on the novel of the same name written by Sherryl Woods. On May 19, 2020, the first season was released.

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The arrangement opens with Maddie in a significant separation, as she turns into the most recent town tattle star. Sweet Magnolias Season 1 follows the ladies as they manage sentimental connections, parenthood, their fellowship, and maintaining their organizations. In spite of the fact that the new arrangement had a moderately tranquil first season in quite a while of significant turns, it spared all the hazardous minutes for the Sweet Magnolias finishing. The ending of the first season has made all the fans think more about Magnolias. There are tons of questions which will be going on in your mind. Here are some of them:-

  • In-car accident who was the passenger?

This is one of the biggest questions haunting the fans. The season finished with Bill, Maddie, Dana Sue, Helen, and Ronnie racing to an auto collision including Kyle and a secretive traveller.

As all of these were in the prom after-party. 

So, as per the incidents, the mysterious passenger can be Tyler. He may have pursued his sibling and hopped into the vehicle with him before Kyle smashed. If he is in the car then his brother will definitely not die in the accident but it can be that Tyler’s arm is fractured. So, he will not be able to play basketball anymore.

The other who can be the mysterious passenger is Annie. Again that she might be hurt but not that much that she will die. But if this is the case then Dana Sue and Maddie’s friendship is hurt. Next season will give you details about this.

  • What Happens Next With The Love Square Between The Teens?

The season-1 started with the love triangle between Tyler, Annie, and Kyle. Kyle loved Annie, however, she enjoyed Tyler. Tyler just considered her to be a younger sibling figure. As per the romance in the different series, it can be that Tyler will start loving Annie some time in the series. Kyle will not be in this as he has a tough romance with Nellie. As he is out someone will come in that will be Simon. Now it is hard to tell about the love story and the romance part. But the teens will definitely get their partner.

  • What will be next for Helen and Erik?

Both these characters are very well cast in the series. Fans are adoring these characters. Everything was good between them but suddenly Ryan came between them. Ryan was not as bad as everyone thinks about it. But it is good to see that Helen and Ryan are over.

So, this will definitely lead to some romance between Helen and Erik. That you will see in the second season.

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