Trouble in paradise.

Mulan Hernandez, the apparent girlfriend of Denver Nuggets big man Bol Bol, took to Instagram Live this week to accuse the NBA player of cheating on her while she mourns her brother’s death.

“So I just feel like I’m tired of sitting here and tired of acting like he’s this perfect person when he’s done nothing but get caught cheating on me — this is the seventh, eighth time he’s cheated on me,” Hernandez said in a video obtained by BSOTV.

Hernandez claimed the cheating has been going on for nearly a year.

“And it’s always in a time when I’m always going through a lot. He feels the need to be so insensitive towards my feelings,” she said.

“Y’all sit here and say I’m cheating on him… The whole time he’s been cheating on me for almost a f–king year and I’ve been dealing with this s–t. That sh-t is narcissistic as f–k and nobody’s about to sit here and make me feel bad,” Hernandez said.

“He just sat here and tried to make me feel bad. He just sat here and told, ‘I could never have a life, I’m on the game,’ and y’all he’s in the house with a bitch.”

Bol Bol
Bol Bol was accused of cheating on his presumed girlfriend numerous times.

Hernandez added, “I’m not going to regret this,” while hitting back at critics.

“So I don’t give a f–k about him… his feelings… he’s sitting there with some b—h right now while I’m mourning my brother. You’re really really really really just sick in the head you really are… I’m saying what I’m saying.”

Hernandez also shared a TikTok video about putting yourself first “when you catch him cheating.”

On Thursday, she shared a snap to her Instagram Story, showing off a bouquet of flowers.

Bol Bol has not yet responded to the claims. His relationship history with Hernandez is unclear, but they’re believed to have started dating in early 2021.

Source: NYPOST

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