Lake City couple says credit union lost last $419 auto payment, left in financial limbo
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First Coast News shared the story of Jim and Valerie Taylor with VyStar and they are looking into the claim.

LAKE CITY, Fla. — Paying off a vehicle loan is cause for celebration, but for a Lake City couple, that celebration hasn’t happened because they say their credit union lost their final payment. 

“It’s taken a lot of my time having to keep calling and the wait time is terrible,” Valerie Taylor. 

Valerie and her husband Jim say they worked their tails off to pay off their truck with seven years of payments  Their last was made last month, or so they thought.

“Lost in space I guess. I don’t know. They said it could be somewhere, but that doesn’t tell me anything,” Taylor said.

They say the $419 they deposited hasn’t showed in their account, but they received a confirmation showing the money they transferred to VyStar was going to pay off the loan, complete with a confirmation number.

More than two weeks later, the Taylor’s say they remain in limbo about where the money went. 

“I am so stressed right now over all of this, because I have been checking daily on VyStar and noticing that my payment still hasn’t been made,” she told First Coast News. 

They even received a past due statement and tell us they don’t plan to make another payment.  They refinanced their loan with a better interest rate about a year ago through VyStar and have other loans with the credit union, but this has been their only issue. 

“I know it’s just digits on a computer or so forth, but it’s real money to us and it actually affects us,” said Jim Taylor.

We shared their story with VyStar, who said their team is looking into it. 

Meantime, the Taylors want answers.. 

“It’s bad enough it’s the last truck payment.  I’m so upset over that and they’ve got to do something about it. I shouldn’t have to be stressing over this. You say, ‘Don’t worry about it.  We are going to take care of this.’ But, no one has given me that confirmation,” Taylor said.

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