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The DOJ has quietly dropped its case against January 6 defendant Matthew Perna after Perna committed suicide last month. Perna, who was not charged with a violent crime, pleaded guilty to multiple trespassing-related charges and was facing additional penalties.

In December, Matthew Perna, 37, pleaded guilty to felony obstruction of Congress and three misdemeanor charges associated with his entry into the Capitol on Jan 6, the U.S. Attorney’s office for the District of Columbia reported Friday. He was scheduled for sentencing on March 3.

Government prosecutors planned to hit Perna with additional charges after a video emerged of him simply throwing a flagpole. “They informed him the other day that they were pursuing additional charges. He couldn’t take another day,” Perna’s family said in a statement.

Matthew Perna was inside the Capitol building for 20 minutes after U.S. Capitol police opened the doors and ushered protesters in. The PA native was not accused of vandalism or any violent crime, simply trespassing-related offenses. Still, Perna and other non-violent January 6 protesters have been ruthlessly prosecuted by the Biden regime while BLM rioters have received lesser sentences, if they are even convicted. A report from The Guardian found that over 90% of BLM riot-related charges were dismissed by partisan prosecutors.

After Perna’s suicide, the DOJ quietly dismissed its case against the non-violent Trump supporter. “A defendant’s death is a basis for abatement of all proceedings from their inception,” wrote Assistant U.S. Attorney Nihar H. Mohanty in a filing. “Wherefore, the United States respectfully requests that the prosecution of Mr. Perna be abated.”


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Perna was facing multiple years in prison despite a clean criminal record and lack of charges for a violent crime. American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly reached out to the DOJ for comment but did not hear back.

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