Florida man arrested for pointing gun at woman's head after her friend used his driveway
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A Florida man has been arrested for pointing a gun at a woman’s head after her friend briefly turned into his driveway, authorities said.  Terry Vetsch, 60, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, according to jail records. 

The woman has not been identified, but a police report names the friend in the vehicle as Jeffrey Hinkson. Hinkson pulled into Vettch’s driveway in Palm Coast, while the woman knocked on the door of another friend, police said. 

According to the police report, Hinkson told officials that he pulled into the driveway to reposition his vehicle, but as he turned, he heard a bang on his rear window. Hinkson then saw Vetsch yelling at the woman. 

The woman told police that she first heard Vetsch yelling at her friend and approached Vetsch to apologize. As she approached from across the street, Vetsch allegedly pointed his gun, which he had used to bang on the car window, at her head, threatening to shoot and kill her. The woman told police she was in immediate fear for her life, according to the police report, and said the gun was pointed two inches from her head. 

When interviewed by police, Vetsch said he saw the vehicle pull into the driveway from inside his home and “immediately … grabbed his gun” and went outside. He said he believed the driver was a neighbor who he had argued with in the past. Vetsch told police that he walked off his property and yelled at the driver not to use his driveway, and said that the woman walked toward him and began yelling. Vetsch also said the woman was following him, yelling at him and waving her hand towards his face. Vetsch told police he did not pull the weapon out until he was back on his property. 

Police reviewed video and audio recordings of the incident, which according to the police report, shows Vetsch immediately approach the vehicle. The video also showed that the woman approached Vetsch’s property line, but did not cross it or trespass on his property, police said. 

Vetsch was taken into custody and has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill, according to jail records. He remains in custody on a $50,000 bond. 

“Not controlling your anger does not work out most of the time. In this case it landed an individual in the Green Roof Inn,” said Flagler County sheriff Rick Staly in a statement announcing Vetsch’s arrest. 

Vetsch is scheduled to be arraigned on July 10. 

A similar situation ended in a fatal shooting earlier this year. In April, a 20-year-old woman pulled into the wrong driveway in Heborn, New York while looking for a friend’s house. Kaylin Gillis was with three other friends, who according to police were lost and only turned into the driveway for a short amount of time, when homeowner Kevin Monahan came out on his porch and fired a gun twice. Gillis was shot and killed. 

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