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A mom in Florida says she is innocent of charges from police that she allegedly called a bomb threat into a high school after a student got into an argument over the food portions in the cafeteria.

The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office said Anaya Smith was charged with one count of making a false bomb threat.

According to police, someone called the Cocoa High School in Cocoa and left an epithet-filled message with a threat on Feb. 3.

“If you don’t start feeding my mother f***ing children better at that b**** I’m gonna come round that b**** and blow that mother f****er up,” the caller said.

Officials evacuated the school as a precaution and called the police who found in their investigation that the phone number of the caller matched the cellphone for Smith. An officer also said that he had previous run-ins with the woman and that her voice matched that of the one left on the recording.

Police arrested Smith, 41, on Wednesday months after the incident. She denied the allegations in an interview with WOFL-TV.

“I don’t even talk like that,” Smith said. “Anybody who knows me knows I don’t talk that way.”

She said that the phone number didn’t belong to her and that she didn’t recognize the name of the student in the arrest report.

Police claimed that she was the legal guardian of a student that had gotten into an argument with cafeteria workers about not getting enough food.

“Simple fact checking could have eliminated all of this. One arrest could ruin somebody’s life. Not her life. I will make sure,” said Andrea Johnson, Anaya’s sister.

WOFL reporter Connor Hansen said they tried to call the number in the report but that it was out of service.

No explosives were found at the school during the investigation.

Here’s a local news report about the incident:

[embedded content] Cocoa mom denies calling in high school bomb threat www.youtube.com

Source: TheBlaze

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