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We’ve been following the effort of Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) to shine some light on the concerning issues involving Hunter Biden. On Wednesday, Grassley dropped more information not only regarding Hunter Biden but James Biden as well. Grassley also did an interview with Catherine Herridge of CBS News explaining the new records.

According to the records, which come directly from the banks, James Biden received $65,000 a month from a Chinese company connected to the Chinese government, totaling $780,000 through 2018. The records also showed that Hunter received money from the same company — $100,000 a month for the same year, in addition to a $500,000 retainer. That added up to $1.7 million from the firm in 2018. What exactly that was supposed to pay for isn’t clear.

Grassley also explained that over 150 financial transactions from Hunter or James Biden were flagged as “concerning by U.S. banks for further review.” Some of those transactions involved large wire transfers. The results of the review are not clear, according to CBS.

The records also appeared to confirm the prior stories we covered about a line of credit of about $100,000, established by the Chinese firm, that Biden family members used to go on a spending spree, including airline tickets, hotels, and restaurants. The records show what appears to be the 2017 application for that $99,000 line of credit that has the signatures of Hunter Biden and the Chinese executive.

“We have people with the Biden name, dealing with Chinese business people that have a relationship to the Communist Party,” Grassley said. “I think it’s very concerning.”

We’ve reported on some of this before but now Grassley is backing things up further with the bank records, which are hard to argue away.

Match this also to questions about Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in some of Hunter’s activities, according to the emails and to Tony Bobulinski. The emails referenced the percentage for “the big guy,” who Bobulinski explained was Joe Biden.

The grand jury investigating Hunter Biden right now reportedly asked about “the big guy,” according to a grand jury witness.

Hunter also intended at one point in 2017 to have Joe Biden, Jill Biden and James Biden share offices with Gongwen Dong, the emissary of CEFC, asking for keys from the landlord and naming those four people as “office mates” in offices that Hunter was already renting. But he had a dispute with the management and that never came to fruition.

Joe Biden was also asked to write a college recommendation letter for one of Hunter’s Chinese business partners, Jonathan Li, for his son for Brown University, which Joe Biden did. According to new information from the New York Post, Joe Biden also wrote a letter for Li’s daughter for Georgetown. Neither child got in. So much for a letter from Joe Biden.

Yet even with all that and more, Joe Biden continues to claim he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings. In 2020, during a debate, he even had the audacity to claim that his son got no money connected to China.

Finally, it seems that Republicans are serious about this and the investigation into Hunter Biden appears to be heating up. It’s long since time the media did their job and started calling on Joe Biden for real answers.

Source: This post first appeared on RedState

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