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A 71-year-old man has been charged after allegedly stealing $1.5 million worth of cattle from a Northern Territory cattle station.

Police visited the cattle station on the Sturt Plateau, a region in the Territory’s south, in June last year to investigate allegations that 435 head of cattle had been taken from a nearby property.

In late June, detectives executed a search warrant on the property to recover evidence of cattle sales and to compare the DNA of the weaners on the station with that of the original stolen cattle.

A man has been charged over the theft of up to 1200 cattle in the Northern Territory. (NT Police)

DNA evidence confirmed 658 cattle on the station had parental linkages to the original 435 head.

Police say a number of weaners on the station are believed to be up to third generation offspring of the original 435.

A number of these weaners have since been sold to other stations.

Investigations uncovered that the number of cattle stolen, including the weaners and on sold cattle, was approximately 1200 with an estimated value of $1.47 million.

On Wednesday, detectives attended the station and arrested a 71-year-old male who has since been charged with one count of stealing and two counts of criminal deception.

Detective Senior Sergeant Paul Lawson said the arrest was the result of extensive investigations from police over the last ten months.

“A mustering schedule has been devised and is currently being executed to recover the remaining cattle,” he said.

The man was bailed to appear in Katherine Local Court on the June 6 with further charges expected as a result of the current muster.

Source: 9News

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