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Are Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban struggling to keep their marriage alive? There have been whispers that the couple is fighting about everything from their jobs to their flirty behavior with their co-workers. Let’s check in on Kidman and Urban.

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Caught Fighting?

Earlier this year, Woman’s Day reported Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban tensely rang in 2022. As Hollywood’s finest actors fought for the chance to play Kidman’s husband in a new film, Urban was apparently feeling insecure. And sources said that things bubbled over at their New Year’s Eve party. The magazine noted that not a single photo from the event showed Kidman and Urban together. Sources insisted that the couple kept their distance from each other all night.

But this story just had too many holes. First of all, the fact that Urban and Kidman were hosting a party together in their own home was a pretty good sign that they were doing just fine. Furthermore, Urban had just recently posted a heartfelt message congratulating Kidman on her Golden Globe win. And since there was absolutely no evidence to support this story aside from a few distant balcony photos, we just weren’t buying it.

Keith Urban Hiding ‘Secret Bond’?

Then Woman’s Day returned with a story claiming Urban was getting a bit too close with Adele. Urban jumped to fill in some of Adele’s concert nights after she pulled out of her Vegas residency. “Nicole’s having to limit her commitments to pick up the slack at home,” an insider dished. “But more than that, it feels like Adele snapped her fingers and people-pleaser Keith leapt to her assistance without any thought as to how it might affect the family.”

The magazine failed to mention that Urban would already be in Vegas for his own residency. He isn’t exactly going out of his way to help Adele—he’s just agreed to stay in town one more week. We’re sure he’s being generously compensated for it, and we have absolutely no reason to believe Adele had anything to do with his decision. Overall, this report was missing a large chunk of context.

Nicole Kidman Too Close With Co-Star?

Then, the National Enquirer reported it was actually Kidman that was getting too cozy with another celebrity. Apparently, the actress had grown extremely close to her Being the Ricardos co-star Javier Bardem. “It’s to the point where they can finish each other’s sentences!” an insider exclaimed. “Javier can make Nicole laugh like nobody else!” But sources said Urban wasn’t happy about their friendship and was worried that something more was going on behind the scenes.

But this narrative was so worn out by this point that we had no reason to take it seriously. Kidman has insisted time and time again that her husband trusts her completely, and that she keeps her work life and home life as separate as possible. “My husband is an artist, so he understands all of it, and he also does not get involved,” Kidman once stated. So, clearly, Urban wasn’t up in arms about his wife getting along with her married co-star.

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