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SHOCKING surveillance footage shows the alleged killer dragging a duffel bag across the road before a mother-of-two was found inside.

Coroners revealed that Orsolya Gaal had been stabbed 58 times – days after her body was found stuffed in a duffel bag and dumped near her home in Queens, New York.

Cops told PIX11 that Gaal told her son she was going to watch a show but met up with a man.

Police believe the killer murdered Gaal in the basement of her home, put her in a duffel bag, and dumped her body half a mile away.

The alleged killer then reportedly texted her husband, Howard Klein, threatening him: “Your whole family is next”, according to police.

Klein was out of town when Gaal was killed.

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  • Cause of death

    Sources told The Sun Orsolya Gaal’s cause of death was sharp force injuries of the neck and the manner was a homicide.

    Police also discovered knife wounds on her hands and inside her fingers.

    Plus, the 51-year-old suffered injuries to her neck, torso, and left arm.

  • Police spotted inside home

    NBC reporter Anjali Hemphill posted a video on Twitter, showing officials walking through Orsolya Gaal’s home.

  • Killer allegedly accuses Gaal of sending them to jail

    According to a source who spoke to PIX11, 51-year old Gaal’s husband says he received a text after she was killed from a number.

    The sender allegedly accused her of sending him to jail years ago and said “I’m back.” 

    He also allegedly threatened to kill the entire family if the police were called. 

  • Orsolya Gaal’s final social media post

    Just days before her tragic death, Orsolya Gaal had posted a picture of herself with a dog on Facebook.

    On the evening of January 13, the mother changed her Facebook profile picture to one of her holding a dog in front of a New York skyline.

  • A blood trail

    Officials followed a blood trail from where Orsolya Gaal’s corpse was found to the side door of her home.

  • Howard Klein: ‘Our lives are at risk’

    In a phone interview with The Post, Klein expressed fears for his safety in the wake of his wife’s death.

    “There are concerns about our safety,” Klein said. “Our lives are at risk.”

  • Persons of interest

    Police sources told the Post that Orsolya Gaal’s husband, Howard Klein, and their 17-year-old son are allegedly being considered “persons of interest” in her death.

    Both are returning to New York, cops said.

  • Flowers left by home

    Flowers have been placed in front of Orsolya’s home.

    Floral Tributes are laid outside Orsolya Gaal's Home in Queens, New York
    Floral Tributes are laid outside Orsolya Gaal’s Home in Queens, New YorkCredit: Elder Ordonez / SplashNews.com Splash News and Pictures USA
  • Crime scene home

    Orsolya’s home has been taped off by authorities as a crime scene.

    Orsolya Gaal's home in Queens, New York
    Orsolya Gaal’s home in Queens, New YorkCredit: Elder Ordonez / SplashNews.com Splash News and Pictures USA
  • Former colleague mourns

    Orsolya Gaal’s former colleague Ross Rubin shared a tweet about the death of his friend.

    “Our kids played together when they were young,” he wrote.

  • Do authorities suspect her younger son?

    Gaal’s 13-year-old son was found on the top floor of the home, police said.

    “He stated he lives at the location but does not know where she is,” police said in a statement.

    The boy was interviewed by authorities while in custody and was eventually released.

    Officials do not believe he had left the house overnight.

  • Piecing together what happened, continued

    “[Cops] actually traced it backward from the scene to the house,” the NYPD source said, describing the blood trail from the bag where Gaal was found.

    According to authorities, the woman knew the people she was hanging out with and they are currently being interviewed.

    “We also have to figure out, did she meet some mysterious stranger along the way?”

  • Piecing together what happened

    During Gaal’s final hours Friday night, she had gone out with friends.

    Authorities are combing through surveillance and pulling receipts from the places she went to.

    “[Then] around 4:30am [Saturday], you see somebody rolling this [duffle bag] down the sidewalk from multiple cameras,” said the NYPD official.

  • NYPD: ‘It’s a mystery’

    Authorities are now trying to piece together exactly what happened to Orsolya Gaal, and figure out who is responsible for her murder.

    “It’s a mystery,” said an NYPD official.

    “Now it’s a question of piecing together everything she did that night.

  • Family history of missing reports

    Gaal had been reported missing once before in May 2020 but was later found.

    The couple’s older son went missing in 2004, however, he was also found.

  • Timeline of events so far

    Below is a timeline of information on the case so far:

    • Sometime before Friday, April 15: Gaal’s husband, Howard Klein, tweets about landing in Portland with their 17-year-old son for a college trip.
    • Friday, April 15: Gaal goes out with her friends and is spotted on camera.
    • Saturday, April 16: Around 4.30am, a mysterious figure is seen rolling a duffel back down the sidewalk from Gaal’s home.
    • 8am Saturday, April 16: Gaal’s body is discovered less than a mile away from her home by a dog walker.
    • Gaal’s younger son, 13, is questioned by police and later released.
  • Where was her husband?

    During the weekend of Orsolya’s murder, her husband, Howard Klein, and her eldest son, aged 17 years old, were away in PortlandOregon at the time of the crime.

  • Youngest son questioned

    On the morning of Saturday, April 16, Orsolya Gaal’s youngest son, 13-year-old Leo, was brought in for questioning after her body was found.

    Following the questioning, Leo was released by cops later that day.

  • The gruesome discovery, continued

    Nostrand added: “I thought, ‘Oh, my goodness,’ and called police at 8:05 a.m. and said ‘there’s a body in this bag.'”

    “But to me, it looked like a mannequin. My personal feeling is a broken heart for whoever this is.”

    “It’s shocking, my heart was in my throat the entire time.”

  • The gruesome discovery

    On the morning of Saturday, April 16, dog owner Glenn Van Nostrand told the New York Post that he found Orsolya’s lifeless corpse while walking his two canines that smelled the scent originating from the discarded duffle bag.

    Glenn told the Post of his grisly discovery: “It didn’t look very fleshy. It was more like a crash test dummy.”

    “I thought it was maybe some equipment being used for something. I didn’t think anything of it.”

  • Who was Orsolya Gaal?

    Orsolya Gaal was a Queens, New York native who shared two sons with her husband, Howard Klein.

    On April 16, 2022, the New York mom’s body was found stuffed in a hockey duffle bag less than a mile from her home.

  • ‘I don’t feel safe’

    “It’s absolutely horrifying,” neighbor and event planner Mara Newman told The New York Post after Gaal was found dead.

    “Nothing like this would happen in this neighborhood. People pay a lot of money to live in Forest Hills.”

    “I’m sick to my stomach. I don’t feel safe. I’m not going to be walking here at night. I can’t believe there is a . . . body thrown on the side of the road.”

  • Husband Howard Klein’s background

    The Twitter account of Howard Klein, Orsolya Gaal’s husband, suggests he is a lithium trader and founder of RK Equity.

    His LinkedIn shows he attended the University of Michigan, which is allegedly where he was with the 17-year-old son at the time of the incident that left his wife dead.

    He has not immediately returned a request for comment.

  • Inside Orsolya Gaal’s Facebook page

    Orsolya Gaal’s Facebook profile shows numerous photos of her with a dog, and some with New York City in the background.

    On New Year’s Eve, Gaal posted a photo of her family with the caption: “Happy new year to all of you dear friends and family!
    Hoping 2022 will be a great one!”

  • Has anyone been charged?

    At this time, no one has been charged in relation to Orsolya Gaal’s murder.

Source: thesun

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