Westminster: Parliament Square is closed off over 'suspicious vehicle'
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BREAKING: Parliament Square is closed off and QEII Centre evacuated as police deploy bomb disposal robot over ‘suspicious vehicle’ near Westminster Abbey

  • Roads around Parliament Square are closed after police identified a suspicious vehicle
  • Reports said a bomb disposal robot has been seen in the area near the Centre
  • The Queen Elizabeth II Centre conference hall has been evacuated by police 

Roads around Parliament Square are closed and the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in Westminster has been evacuated due to a suspicious vehicle.

Police evacuated Parliament Square and the large conference centre around 4.30pm and have confirmed that two controlled explosions have taken place in the area.

MPs and peers are currently not sitting in Westminster ahead of the state opening of Parliament and Queen’s Speech on Tuesday.

The Metropolitan Police tweeted: ‘Police are at currently in the vicinity of #Westminster Abbey dealing with an ongoing incident involving what is believed to be a suspicious vehicle.

‘A number of road closures are in place while emergency services deal with the incident.’

Westminster and St James Park Underground stations were also closed at police request, according to LBC journalist Shelagh Fogarty.

Twitter uses posted that they had seen a bomb disposal robot on the scene and had heard a controlled explosion minutes after the closure.

More to follow… 


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