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Julia Lee Choi Wiki

                          Julia Lee Choi Biography

Who is Julia Lee Choi?

Julia Lee Choi, 45, of McLean, was accused of emailing the tech giant images of loaded guns and trespassing on its property in court papers filed by Apple for a restraining order against her, the Mercury News reported.

The woman was described as displaying “erratic, threatening and strange behavior,” according to the company, which she said she believed she “might be armed and is still in the South Bay area,” the newspaper reported.

Choi, who went by the name Julia Lee Cook

Choi, who went by the name Julia Lee Cook, “intends to return to (Cook’s) residence or otherwise locate him in the near future,” according to the request for the restraining order, which was granted Friday by the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

The woman was prohibited from possessing weapons and from approaching or contacting Cook or other Apple employees, among other actions cited in the order.

Choi tweeted about her alleged relationship with Cook a dozen times on Halloween 2020 and emailed her about 200 times between late October and mid-November of that year.

Her missive showed “significant escalation in tone, becoming threatening and very disturbing,” the request said, and included photos of a revolver and cartridges.

“My new weapon will never return it at this time before firing!” she reportedly typed, according to screenshots on the app.

In another email, she expressed her desire to have a sexual relationship with Cook and said her patience was “almost exhausted,” according to the app.

Choi also began registering bogus corporations, some with “highly offensive corporate names,” in California, Virginia and New York, naming Cook as a corporate officer, director or agent, according to the filing.

Palo Alto Police Lt. Con Maloney told the newspaper that “there is no active police investigation.”

A week before Christmas, Choi emailed Cook again, this time demanding $500 million in cash, and on New Year’s Day, she tweeted violent language about him, according to the app.

A court hearing in the case is scheduled for March 29.

Source: wikisoon

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