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Who is Vincent Jean ?

A road rage driver who allegedly hit a 23-year-old woman and ran her down three times is obsessed with Grand Theft Auto, DailyMail.com reveals.

Vincent Jean, 56, of Irvington, New Jersey, shared several videos of the game on his social media accounts.

The clips featured numerous scenes of high-speed chases, furious street fights, and characters using guns to gain access to vehicles.

It comes as horrified witnesses recounted how the driver lost his temper and flipped over after a minor crash with a hero school bus driver trying to stop him from escaping.


Meanwhile, the victim’s family said they were devastated by the “heinous” attack, revealing that it was “not the result of any domestic dispute”.

Shocking footage showed the SUV veering off the road before speeding onto the pavement as the victim fled in terror.

But the vehicle easily caught up with her and she disappeared from sight as only her screams could be heard.

Jean was allegedly caught on camera ramming the woman with her Mitsubishi SUV several times during her rampage in Elizabeth, New Jersey, on Tuesday.

Arrested and Charged

He was arrested and charged with attempted murder in the first degree and assault by car in the third degree, while the woman miraculously survived.

Vincent Jean  56, of Irvington, New Jersey, shared several videos of the game on his social media accounts.

In a post, he shared images of the game’s main characters showing how they evolved.

The nightly posts for several years came before the vicious attack on the woman earlier this week.

Her car hit her and he continued to drive her under a stranger’s front yard.

He seemed to be a huge fan of the video game Grand Theft Auto, with numerous posts on his Facebook about it.

The man then backed up and the woman briefly reappeared on the lawn, barely moving.

But then he revved up her engine and launched another ferocious attack at her even though her victim lay motionless.

Bystanders, including her cameraman, yelled ‘stop, stop’, but the driver kept driving over her.

He honked at her as he passed over her a second time before finally stopping.

The woman was left lying on the ground while the witnesses shouted: ‘Yo, what the fuck’. What the hell?

She was rushed to hospital and was reported to be alive and in critical condition after at least one surgery.

The suspect fled the scene, but Jean was later arrested and charged with first-degree attempted murder and third-degree motor vehicle assault, prosecutors said.

The attack reportedly started when the couple got into a minor traffic incident further down the road.

The driver was said to have tried to flee, but the woman pulled out a camera and began taking pictures of her vehicle and followed him down the street.

A witness, listed only as Isaac, said he and his wife ran to help the woman after the attack.


The victim’s family said: ‘The family wishes to express their gratitude for the timely response to this incident by the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, Elizabeth Police Department, EMS workers and the Mayor of Elizabeth, Chris Bolwage.

‘We also want to thank the citizens of Elizabeth for their help and support, especially the school bus driver who intervened and the neighbor who provided the security camera footage of this horrific crime.

‘His actions and his cooperation with law enforcement led to the swift arrest of the perpetrator.

‘These collective efforts, along with the diligent and hardworking actions of the doctors and health professionals at University Hospital, saved our daughter’s life.

What this man did to our daughter was appalling and no parent, child or human being should have to put up with this.

“We want to make it clear that this was not the result of any internal dispute.

Bystanders, including the cameraman, yelled ‘stop, stop’, but the driver continued to drive over her.

This man was a complete stranger who committed a heinous act of road rage and attempted to kill our daughter simply because he was trying to obtain the necessary information to legally report an accident while he was fleeing the scene.

“Although we are heartbroken and deeply saddened by what happened, we are grateful that our daughter is alive.

“We are now focused on caring for her and recovering from her and we will trust the professionals of the law and the judicial system to deliver justice.

“We appreciate the outpouring of love and support, but ask that you respect our family’s privacy during this time.”

County Prosecutor William Daniel said: “At that point, the suspect drove her car directly towards the victim and she began to run onto the lawn to avoid being struck.”

“The suspect drove onto the lawn and struck the victim, then ran her over before backing up and deliberately running her over a second time.”

Jean is being held in the Union County Jail pending a pretrial detention title, documents show.

Vincent Jean Quick and Facts

  • Vincent Jean, 56, from Irvington, New Jersey, shared a number of videos online
  • The clips show numerous scenes of high speed chases and furious street fights
  • It comes as horrified witnesses told how the driver lost his temper and flipped
  • Meanwhile the victim’s family said they were devastated at the ‘atrocious’ attack

Source: wikisoon

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