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Did Kerrion Franklin Murder A Woman? Kerrion Franklin is accused of killing a woman, but the charges have yet to be proven. Find out more about the circumstances of this case.

Kerrion Franklin, Kirk Franklin’s son, was arrested on Sunday and is being held in a Los Angeles County jail without bail.

Did Kerrion Franklin Murder A Woman? Kirk Franklin Son Arrested – Does He Have Mental Issue?

Kerrion is well-known for his part in Bad Boys: Los Angeles, a television drama. He’s been spotted with other guys, and in a recent episode, when speaking with other cast members, he confessed that he’s bisexual.

 Did Kerrion Franklin Murder A Woman?

Kerrion Franklin was apprehended in the automobile he was driving, which belonged to the woman who had gone missing and was later located. As a result, the police investigate his relationship with the missing woman.

He is the leading suspect in the assassination of that missing woman.

According to Larry Reid Pateron, he has been arrested for a variety of charges.

When Beverly Hills cops pulled him over for a broken car taillight, he was apprehended while driving. When the officers searched his car, they discovered an illegal firearm.

When officials discovered an illegal pistol in his car, he was detained for additional interrogation. During questioning, he stated that the pistol did not belong to him and that he was unaware of its existence.

Kirk Franklin Oldest Kerrion Franklin Son Arrested

Franklin, Kirk Franklin’s eldest son, is incarcerated in Texas after being charged with three felonies.

He said he was unlawfully arrested and stopped because of his taillight, according to Larry Reid Live.

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Supposed details of what transpired have been spreading on social media. He believes he will not be able to leave jail until his next hearing, which is scheduled for Tuesday. He told the president of the outlet that the authorities allegedly discovered a revolver in the car.

He also claimed to be under investigation for resisting arrest, which he denied. Kerrion is likely to be extradited to Texas, where he will face charges in a separate case.

Is Kerrion Franklin suffering from a mental illness?

Kerrion Franklin’s mental health condition has not been revealed, however some assume that he does.

Kirk Franklin’s son appears despondent as he sobs while recounting his father’s tumultuous relationship.

He claims that since their highly public feud in 2021, the two have not healed their disagreements. Kerrion Franklin then said that he had been estranged from his family for a long time.

In a leaked audiotape of Kerrion and his father conversing, Kirk is heard using obscenities and aggressive words.

He also accused his father of physically abusing him. As previously reported, Kirk Franklin denied the rumors, claiming that his son was struggling with deeper issues and that he had tried to help him multiple times.

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