Who Is Anna Kostecki From Weston Wi and What Was She Arrested For? Here Is What We Know
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Who Is Anna Kostecki From Weston Wi? Many people are curious about Anna Kostecki’s arrest in Weston, Wisconsin. So, if you’ve come to learn more about the subject, read this article all the way through.

Anna Kostecki appears to be a citizen of the United States, hailing from Weston, Wisconsin. She just emerged into the public eye when word of her incarceration made the rounds on the internet, although there is very little information available on the subject.

The information came from a newly published YouTube video from Code Blue Cam, yet the incident occurred in the month of April 2022. People were curious to learn more after Code Blue Cam posted the video of Kostecki’s incarceration.

Not only that, but her social media profiles are being searched as well. So, collecting all the information, we’ve provided every detail here.

Who Is Anna Kostecki From Weston Wi?

Anna Kostecki is an 18-years-old lady from Weston Wi whose arrest news is now taking over the internet. The exclusive footage of her detention was recently uploaded on YouTube, but the video has not shared many details about Kostecki.

At the moment, we just know that Kostecki is from Weston. Due to the lack of information, the details regarding her parents and family background are unknown. This is just developing news, and we will update you with more info soon.

Anna Kostecki Was Arrested After Being Intoxicated

Anna Kostecki was arrested on April 25, 2022. Officers responded to a convenience store for an intoxicated female who passed out in her vehicle in Weston, WI. And the female was later identified as Anna Kostecki, who was intoxicated.

Two customers said they found her sleeping in the vehicle’s back seat and were worried about her wellbeing. While the officer spoke with the lady, he observed her slurred speech and incense of intoxicants coming from her. After Kostecki tried to close her vehicle’s door on the officer multiple times, she refused to yield and eventually made it a difficult night for the officers.

Anna Kostecki was charged with battery on the police officer and resisting.
Anna Kostecki was charged with battery on the police officer and resisting.

A police officer asked for Kostecki to show her ID, but she refused it and tried to shut her car’s door. After some time, she struck the officer in his reproductive organ. So, the officers pulled her out of the car and arrested her.

Was Anna Kostecki Involved In An Accident?

No, Anna Kostecki was not involved in the accident, but she was arrested. Some people got confused and thought that she might have gotten into an accident. As mentioned above, she was found intoxicated in her vehicle in Weston, Wi.

Initially, Kostecki did not cooperate with the police officers, but later she provided a sample of her breath at the County Jail, which indicated a blood alcohol concentration level of 0.20.

So, she was charged with battery on the police officer and resisting. Kostecki was also given a citation for underage consumption of alcohol.

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