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If you’ve ever had motion sickness from a long road trip, plane ride, or bumpy boat ride you know how miserable it can be. Forget passing the time by looking out the window or reading a book. Those just make nausea and motion sickness worse. Wouldn’t you do just about anything to fix it? I bet you might even wear goofy-looking glasses to feel better, right? 

Well, if you’re willing to get some weird looks, there is a product out there that could help relieve most of your motion sickness symptoms. According to one TikToker, these Hion Anti-Motion Sickness Smart Glasses actually work.

How Do The Glasses Work?

I assume most people’s first question would be, “But, how do they work?” I know it was mine. Basically, these glasses create an artificial horizon. The blue liquid moves around as the vehicle turns, which tricks your eyes and your brain. The glasses don’t have lenses but have four frames, two for your central vision, and two for your peripheral vision. The blue liquid helps balance out the information your brain receives. A study from 2018 listed similar glasses as an effective non-drug intervention for motion sickness.

According to the directions, you should put the glasses on at the first signs of motion sickness and then take them off after 10 minutes. The directions also state to look at a book or cellphone (something stationary) while you’re wearing them.

TikTok Science Project

One TikToker tried the glasses out at the start of a two-hour road trip. “Car rides are usually very bad for me, especially while I’m sitting in the back” she started the video by stating. “So I elected, for science, to sit way back in the van.” She said that after 10 minutes of ride time she would typically be nauseous, but said that while she’s not sure how the glasses work, they seemed to be working. Her only symptom overall was that her head hurt, “a little bit.”

Then, she attempted a few “small tests” to check the efficacy of the glasses. She said two things that typically make her motion sickness worse are turning backward and reading. “It’s not ideal, but I’m not nauseous,” she said as she looked out the back window. After reading for a while, she reported that they “do work.” If you read, look forward, or look side to side a little bit, they work, she concluded. She doesn’t recommend looking out the back of a moving vehicle, though.

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