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CHICAGO (WLS) — A random act of kindness from a complete stranger made a teenager with autism and his mother’s day.

Theresa Hunt and her 16-year-old son Xavier, who has autism, were shopping at Brickyard Mall for his birthday. Xavier wanted to get Air Jordans, but they were too pricey.

Hunt said she offered to buy him different sneakers instead, and that they were talking about how well he was doing in school. When they went to pay, a man who had overheard was in line in front of them with the Air Jordans Xavier had wanted. She said he paid for them, handed them to her son and wished him well in school before leaving.

“I’m always blessing others, but to receive a blessing out of nowhere like that, it just feels good. It just gives me hope,” Hunt said.

The kind stranger left too quickly for Hunt to get his name, but she said she wants him to know they’re so thankful.

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Source: ABC7

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